How To Attend NYFW

nyfw-2017-bloggerToday is my first day back after NYFW! Attending NYFW for the first time was definitely an overwhelming experience but in a good way. Between the runway shows, street phtoograhers, fashion editors and after parties NYFW is by far the best fashion event of the year. These pictures are a collage of the best moments during fashion week but, before we get into the outfits I would like to share how I got invited to the shows and how to get organized during NYFW.
1. visit their website and write down a list of the designers you would like to see.
2. Find out who does the PR for each designer (you can find this on their website or Google it).
3. Once you find the PR contact info, write them a quick email about your interest in the brand and your relationship to fashion (blogger, editor, photographer, etc.)
4. Make sure you have the invitation printed or the bar code on your phone, they don’t like to wait on people at the door.
5.Make sure to book your hotel near the venue and be their 30-minutes in advance.
6. Plan out your outfits ahead, wear something that stands out!!!
7. Tell your driver to drop you off a block away, all the best photographers are spread throughout the block. Make sure to have an awesome outfit, if you don’t they won’t even loo at you 🙁 really!
8. Try to attend the morning shows, they’re better than the ones at night.
9. Once they take your picture make sure to ask for the photographer’s name or magazine.
10. Say hi to the person sitting next to you, they may be someone very important in the fashion industry.

I hope this was helpful and if you have questions feel free to write me and I will respond shortly. See you all in September during NYFW.


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