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Fall season is my favorite season. The hats come out, boots are ready to walk the walk and the jackets can finally breathe the fall air. I decided to let my flirty contemporary maxi dress do all the talking. I bought this dress a few weeks ago in forever21, before I decided that it will be one of my favorite fall pieces.

Fall_Hat_3 Fall_Trend_4 Fall_Trend_6 Hat_Trend_5Fall_fashion_boots

Fall represents the smooth transition between summer and winter.This dress is very comfortable and it falls smoothly over my Juicy Couture ankle boots. Obviously, I needed some color to complete the look. My burgundy wool hat and the burgundy lips are a must this season. No matter what the occasion is, you can always dress up during fall.

Let’s make a quick check list for this season: Ankle Boots, Maxi Dress, Wool Hat, Dark Lipstick, Leather Jacket, Leather Mini Skirt and One of a Kind Accessories.

The arm cuff that I’m wearing was a gift form my BFF. I love this statement piece because you can use it in many different ways. Later in the blog, I will show you the many things that you can do with it!

I can’t be more excited to start this season with the right foot. I’m traveling to Boston next week and I will take as many pictures of my favorite outfits and of course, I will talk about the most memorable places I visit. See you next week!

Live Free, Laugh hard, Love Fashion

Valeria Barrientos

Get the look:

Dress – Forever21

Wool Hat – Forever21

Ankle Boots – DSW

Arm Cuff- Forever21

Photography by Alejandro Orchilles

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