La Nouvelle Orleans (Part1)


I decided to visit the magical city of New Orleans. Known for it’s distinct Creole culture and vibrant history, New Orleans should be a “must” on everyone’s bucket list. The streets are overflowing with French and Spanish architecture that make each visit unforgettable. Street art such as paintings, sculptures, live music, card readings and poets are in every corner, you can conclude that residents are very Bohemian yet there are modern influencers as well.

I will be sharing my days separately because each day was very different and it cannot be combined with one post!

It all started at Bywater…



Elizabeth’s Restaurant has excellent ratings as the best Creole Brunch! The service is great, the food is made from scratch and you can count on decent prices! You must order the strawberry waffles and the breakfast Po-boy!

Here is a peek:


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