Carpe Denim With Topshop

Every girl needs a good pair of denim in her closet and it’s safe to say that Topshop is my go to destination for denim. There are 3 rules I follow when choosing the right pair of denim.

Rule #1 – Fit. This can fall into boot cut, skinny, cropped, high waisted, etc. The point is you have to define what fit are you looking for. In my case I always lean towards skinny and high waisted jeans.

Both pairs I picked this season are similar in fit but not in color. This is were rule # 2 comes into place.

Rule #2 – Color! The color defines how much you can combine your denim with other garments. Black can usually go with everything but a light blue denim may not be so easy to combine.

Rule #3 – Price! This is a big one. This defines what to get and how many. Topshop offers a great variety of denim styles starting at $65, so no worries ladies. Choose away !


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“This post is in collaboration with Topshop and Stylinity”


Holiday Style With Sawgrass Mills

Since I was a little girl the holiday season has been my favorite time of the year. I love gift shopping but I also love to get myself a gift. That’s why I work so hard all year, right? I choose to shop at Sawgrass Mills because they have high end designers at a discounted price. This year I gifted myself a Kate Spade bag at half off. So even thought I purchased a splurge item I saved money and decided to spend it in key pieces I will wear during this season. First I got myself black denim jeans at 7 For Mankind along with a silk black top, my total was under $80, crazy right? My next stop was Bloomingdales, there I found two pairs of shoes for under $40 and finally I found my blazers at 21 Century. Probably my favorite store ever. I spent a total of $250 in all these amazing items. Hopefully you will follow my steps and visit Sawgrass Mills Mall for more holiday bargains.


The Urban Gal